By ordering it is implied that you accept the terms and conditions of Mimata below:

– The current price list replaces any previously published;

– Prices always refer to one unit;

– VAT is included in the price;

– The packaging is always included in the price. A special packaging can be developed at an extra cost to be agreed between the customer and the company;

– Transportation costs are included in the price of the product above 1000€;

– The shipping costs for orders do not include customs fees that may be charged in the country of destination upon arrival of the order;

– If the customer chooses to organize the transport of the pieces, Mimata will be exempt from the responsibility of the transport mentioned;

– The delivery time can vary when it is simultaneous with festive periods;

– Production lead time is 4 to 8 weeks for parts with specifications made by customers. In case of multiple quantities, Mimata reserves the right to agree with the customer the production run time;

– Any damage to any part must be reported during the first 48 hours after receiving the order; Photographic evidence of damages must be sent by e-mail to shop@mimata.pt;

– Upon confirmation of non-compliance by Mimata and, where appropriate, the parts will be completely replaced in a delivery time to be agreed between the company and the customer. When this delivery occurs, the damaged part will be taken, considering that this is a mandatory term for the replacement of said part;

– Each piece is individually handmade, so there may be some minor differences from piece to piece;

– Payment is made at the time of order;

– The price of the products is what is on the site, except for a typographical error. In case of an error in the price of any product, we will contact the customer, presenting the option to confirm the order with the correct price or cancel it, with the appropriate refund;

– The pieces of jewellery are delicate, so we remember the main care of the pieces: avoid contact with abrasive products or situations: namely, cosmetics, detergents or parfums; condition the parts carefully to avoid friction with other parts, or knots in the case of wires; only clean the parts with a soft, dry cloth;

– Under legal terms, Mimata´s Jewellery has 2 years of warranty;

– Any question regarding any nonconformity, please contact us through the e-mail: shop@mimata.pt;

– Only after the company is contacted, the part must be sent, always by registered mail, for analysis and confirmation of the validity of the guarantee and consequent repair, at no additional cost to the customer.


Company identification

Adress: Rua de Cedofeita, nº433 Lj.2 • 4050-181 Porto • Portugal

Telephone: (+351) 933 400 903

Email: shop@mimata.pt

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